Before and After with the EP3523

Recent advances in ultrasonic technology have made the Eastern Precision 3523 capable of producing unprecedented results. Most shops we have sold this technology to recognize the time savings of a "hired ultrasonic machine" doing the cleaning instead of a Tech. The time savings translates to more work out the door as the Tech is no longer at a parts washer, but now completing more productive tasks.

The cleaning level is second to none which is why the military, aircraft industry, manufacturers and remanufacturers as using this equipment. Parts the shop would have thrown away are now saleable items giving a fast return on investment. Automotive components are less likely to fail when they are sent out clean, thus cutting down on warranty issues. The racing industry uses this equipment due to cleaning restrictions, not to mention the reduction of solvent is better for the health and safety of your employees.


    What a time saver! We have been using our Eastern Precision 3523 ultrasonic parts cleaner on a daily basis. It has enabled us to rebuild transmissions faster and cleaner than we ever could before. I compared this unit to all the other ultrasonic units available on the market, and it has proven to me to be the best one yet!

    We really appreciate the great customer service too!

Ralph Mehrkam, Owner

Ralph's Transmissions
846 Broad St # 6
Emmaus, PA 18049


We didn't think it was possible, but our new Eastern Precision Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner is far superior to our old ultrasonic cleaner which was already fantastic. This new machine is better insulated, and is cleaning our parts quicker than we thought possible. Plus we just received a $500 rebate from the government for being green! The Eastern Precision 1820 is an incredible money maker for us!

Scott Mcahren, President

Conte's Bicycles -- Arlington, VA
(703) 795-9346


The following photographs illustrate the power of our EP3523.
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Cylinder Heads




Intake Manifolds